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Electric Motors for Boats

When we talk about electric transport, we often think about cars, maybe bicycles, or perhaps kick scooters, but rarely about boats. Nevertheless, river transport is undergoing some major changes, and could well be part of the evolution of mobility into a more sustainable model. So where do things stand today?                                           These powerful high-tech electric outboard motors provide strong propulsion, and are environmentally friendly, efficient, and quiet.

Key features of electric boat motors

  • Waterproof.  Electric outboards are fully sealed and designed to withstand immersion

  • Remote controls. Choose between tiller and remote throttle controls

  • On-board computers. Electric outboards come with Chartplotter connectivity, navigation functions, sonar, GPS anchoring, and autopilot features

  • Built-in or stand-alone batteries. Some of the smaller motors come with built-in batteries, while the larger ones have separate battery packs

  • Battery monitoring and tracking systems that calculate and display the remaining range in real-time

  • Shaft length. Electric outboards come in both short and long shaft lengths to accommodate a variety of applications.

  • Hydro regeneration capabilities 

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