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 Electric Motors for USVs

Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) are watercraft that operate without a crew on the water's surface. Presently, most USVs are primarily designed for non-lethal tasks, including collect marine waste, surveying, intelligence gathering, conducting surveillance and reconnaissance and countering mines.


The increasing amount of data collected by unmanned vehicles will generate a demand for more sophisticated data analysis. Furthermore, AI enables unmanned vehicles to engage in "continuous learning" through machine learning techniques, enabling them to possess complex capabilities such as autonomous navigation, obstacle recognition, and adherence to the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea.


 Electric Motors for AUV

AUVs stands for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle are unmanned, robotic vehicles that are pre-programmed to travel and collect. AUVs can be used for underwater survey missions such as detecting and mapping submerged wrecks, rocks, and obstructions that can be a hazard to navigation for commercial and recreational vessels.

An AUV conducts its survey mission without operator intervention. When a mission is complete, the AUV will return to a pre-programmed location where the data can be downloaded and processed.

Travel Boat
Travel Boat

 Electric Motors for Leisure Boats 

A traditional petrol leisure boat consumes about 10x more fuel than a family car, leaving a heavy footprint on our planet.
Our purpose is to re-think efficiency in marine transportation to radically push the performance boundaries of electric boats and ships.

Our Electrical motors require no maintenance and are incredibly low maintenance.

Scenic View

 Electric Motors for House Boats 

Sustainable: Environmentally friendly, powered by solar energy, no fuel, zero-emission, equipped with waste management, rainwater harvesting, and purification systems, this is the future of houseboats. 


 Electric Motors for Catamarans 

Experience the pleasure of extended anchoring or overnighting without running a generator.            Second Dynamics offers Electric systems in partnership with a wide range of multihull designers and boat builders.

 Electric Motors for Fishing Boats 

Increasing regulations to preserve the environment are not the only reason to take a look at electric-powered motors.
The advantage of installing electric motors for fishing boats becomes evident during the very first outing: no loud motor noises to disturb schools of fish nor the serenity of the environment.

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